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EMV Card Reader Migration Kits

EMV CardsIt is highly recommended that you upgrade your ATM Machine to an EMV Card Reader by 2016 cause thats when the liability for fraudulent transactions will be shifted to the ATM Operator and no longer be the responsibility of the card brands like Mastercard, Visa, American Express ect.

EMV chip-based payment cards also known as smart cards, contain an embedded microprocessor — a type of small computer — that provides strong security features and other capabilities such as contactless payments not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards.

An EMV card is the same size and thickness as a standard magnetic-stripe card, however it includes a metalic square or contact on the front of the card. The microprocessor is embedded in a small cavity directly behind the contact plate. When inserted into a card acceptance device, the contact allows the chip to connect to a reader.

This connection enables the chip to get power from and exchange data with the terminal, according to EMVco. Because EMV transactions require chip contact throughout the process, consumers will no longer “swipe” their cards at ATMs and POS terminals. Consumers will need to be taught to insert their card and leave it in until the transaction is completed.

Since EMV has been implemented in Europe, Canada and is in the process of being adopted in other parts of the world, most ATM manufacturers have an upgrade path in place for older machines. Find your EMV Upgrade Here…

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

The migration to EMV for banks and credit unions means issuing new chip and pin technology capable credit and debit cards. Financial institutions also need to make sure their processors are ready to accept EMV transactions and begin upgrading their ATMs. View EMV Kits Here…


ATM Merchants

For merchants, the migration to EMV means investing in terminals that are capable of accepting EMV transactions, and working with processors to ensure they are following the network mandates. It also means upgrading machines that are not EMV capable. View EMV Kits Here…

ATM Deployers

ATM Deployers

For owners of ATMs, the migration to EMV means working with ATM suppliers to upgrade ATM card readers and load new software, as well as working with processors to ensure they are following the network mandates and becoming certified. View EMV Kits Here…

About Empire ATM Group

EMPIRE ATM GROUP is owned and operated by skilled business professionals of Freehold, New Jersey. Collectively, these experts have twenty years of industry experience, making them one of the leading ATM companies in the state. Currently, EMPIRE ATM Group operates thousands of ATM Machines nationwide, with a primary concentration in the tri-state (New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut) and north eastern regions (Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia).

The EMPIRE ATM staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service, sales and technical support to every ATM location. EMPIRE ATM makes the transition period seamless, starting from the initial ATM consultation, to the installation and cash delivery process. All final balancing is managed and maintained wirelessly, at every terminal throughout the country, by EMPIRE ATM expert technicians. This method guarantees all systems are in place to ensure tasks are complete and outstanding issues are immediately resolved.

EMPIRE ATM’s business structure and exceptional reputation with business relationships creates an opportunity that will benefit you financially. Our experience enables us to efficiently manage your ATM with scheduled cash replenishment arrangements and immediate call for maintenance resolutions, available 24 hours a day at our toll free number: 1.866.88.EMPIRE

EMPIRE ATM Group provides you with the highest quality of service, at the lowest available prices, in order to ensure you get the most profit from your transaction volume. Regardless of your business location (shopping mall, convenient store, nightclub, hotel, restaurant, etc.), we empower you to take control of your ATM program.

You have the authority to maximize your potential earnings and realize the benefits of providing the convenience of an EMPIRE ATM at your location! Learn More Here…

The Empire Family of businesses

ATM Shield
ATM Shield

Made from a thin layer of high-grade, vacuum-sealed plastic, the ATM Shield easily adheres to machine components using a 3M™ adhesive border and watertight gasket seal.

In this way, screen, button, and keyboard mechanisms are protected from water, dirt, dust, food, inclement weather, destructive cleaners, and other detrimental elements.

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ATM Transit
ATM Transit

ATM Transit has experience in catering to diverse event productions, both large and small. Whether you are expecting a thousand people or over a million, our expertise can help your event be more successful.

We frequently work with various festivals, air shows, marathons, sporting events, concerts and much more. Contact us directly to learn more and find out how we can make your event more profitable.

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ATM Branding
ATM Branding

BRAND AN ATM do you think the ATM Machine in your store is just too out of place? Ever wished it could fit into the look and feel of your store or restaurant?

Well with our ATM Branding solutions you can design a custom wrap for your ATM so it looks like part of your business and not a sore thumb.

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Financial Institutions

Financial Institution Programs

Financial InstitutionsATM program management is costly and complicated, yet it isn’t a core business for financial institutions that deploy ATMs as part of their customer satisfaction strategy. Banks and credit unions can achieve significant savings and efficiencies by outsourcing their ATM back-office activities.

With physical attacks on ATMs occurring on a regular basis in the US, ATMs and mobile devices are becoming increasingly important banking channels, leading to a decreased need for consumers to visit branches and interact with live tellers. With increased deployment, managing costs of the ATM distribution channel is much more critical for overall profitability.

For financial institutions, managing the logistics of an ATM program is an expensive and complicated exercise in an area that isn’t necessarily part of their core business. As current economic conditions place increasing pressure on margins, financial institutions need to improve productivity and efficiency, thereby improving profitability. Outsourcing the back-office components of the ATM program offers an avenue to achieve these goals.


Financial Institutions

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Check out our new interactive map on our services page. The map will make it easy for you to locate service techs to get assistance with your ATM or discover areas for business and employment opportunities. See Full Map Here…

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Empire ATM Group has a variety of investment opportunities and ways to make your money work for you. If you are inclined to run your own business, please check out our franchise opportunities. Learn More Here…


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